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2nd Annual Warming the Souls Blanket Drive Due to such a great response from last year, POI is happy to announce the 2nd Annual Warming the Souls Blanket Drive! 
When the temperature drops, it is always nice to snuggle up in a comfy and cozy blanket, but there are many that do not have this luxury for various reasons. POI is dedicated to not only paranormal investigations, but we are active in making a difference in our community.  
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Ladies in the Night Lockdown Who says girls are afraid of the dark? Join the ladies of Aura Paranormal and P.O.I. in an all-night paranormal lockdown at Community connections in Pinellas Park Florida. Tickets are $25 and includes a meet & greet of the hosts, a paranormal presentation, the team led investigation, and breakfast. For more information and to purchase tickets click here. Read the Full Story
Sloss, Jail, Hospital... oh my! POI is teaming up with AURA Paranormal, ALPHA Ghost Team, Scott Tepperman, Mike Roberts, The Klinge Brothers and more to revisit some exciting locations and investigate new ones. Keep up to date on the day to day happenings via our Facebook.  Read the Full Story
Warming the Souls We are sure everyone has a few blankets sitting in their closet that never make it to a bed, sofa, or place in need of warmth. This holiday season join P.O.I. in helping the local community by donating those blankets to those in need. Read the Full Story
The Stanley Hotel In the mountains of Estes Park resides one of the most famous historical hotels in the United States. The Stanley hotel, built in 1907, is known by many as the establishment that inspired horror novelist, Steven King, to write the cult classic The Shining. But is there more to this hotel than words in a book? We decided to visit the hotel and see what secrets she would share with us. Read the Full Story
USS Hornet Commissioned in 1943, the USS Hornet has one of the most decorated service records of any aircraft carrier. But with any military vessel of renown, decorated service is not achieved without some loss of life. P.O.I.'s California team went aboard to discover if those lost had taken permanent shore leave… or if they still were still on board. Read the Full Story
Club TSI Based in Downtown Jacksonville, Club TSI hosts some of the most entertaining nights in the city. The atmosphere is regaled as one of the hot spots of our city. Little did we know that it would be a hot spot for the paranormal… Read the Full Story
Ginger's Place With silhouettes in its windows and a festive atmosphere inside its walls, Ginger’s Place stands as one of Jacksonville Beach’s oldest and longest-running bars. Having such a long and storied history, it comes as no surprise that rumors and tales of hauntings would surface over the years.  Read the Full Story
The Ambassador Hotel
Originally opened in 1924 as downtown Jacksonville’s first upscale apartments, the Ambassador Hotel (formerly the 310 West Church Street Apartments, among other names) still stands, abandoned in the middle of downtown Jacksonville.
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Sorrel Weed House

Impromptu investigations can render some interesting results; we found this out when we stumbled upon this little gem in Savannah, Georgia.
A few members of the team decided to hit the historic city of Savannah and wander around to see about locations that sparked our interest. With an affinity for getting lost to find my way around, I decided to take a turn down Harris St and a peculiar house caught my eye. 

The door was open and a small sign saying tours were starting caught my eye. So we decided to go in. upon entering the building we were astonished to see that it was well preserved. The large windows shed natural light on many of the rooms and the place just felt cozy. 

We were given the grand tour of the establishment and the guide [name omitted] was very curious as to our interest, and shirts, and he began to tell of his many experiences of the home. 
We decided to take the “ghost tour” later that evening and were allowed to leave some of our equipment in a few of the most active rooms. It seemed quiet to us but as you see below, we did not appear to be alone.


Check out some of the EVPs we caught


Sorrel Weed House - POI - Savannah, GA by POI

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POI has had the pleasure of investigating many said-to-be haunted and historical locations. Several of these hot spots provided us with phenomenal evidence, while others were easily debunked. Here are a few of the most active location we've experienced to date:
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